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Thread: Roman Numeral X or Captured X's on K43

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    Default Roman Numeral X or Captured X's on K43

    I had posted pics of this VOPO rifle before, but I found some of the markings interesting and I have been increasingly curious about them.

    The left receiver has the standard WWII German markings and a VOPO Sunburst. However, instead of the traditional 'slashed' style 'X' it has two 'X's in two different type sizes. And both have the feet and are Roman numeral style font??

    I know there has been prior discussion on whether x's on captured rifles are simply an 'x' or two crossed Mosin Nagants and I have seen two consistent variations especially on K98's that could support either theory.

    However, these x's are completely different than any regular marking I have seen and the two type sizes make me even more interested. Was one a depot marking? And the other a captured marking? Or two separate captured markings?

    I am curious as to what other members may have to add.
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    I've got an AC41 P38 with a similar Russian capture (roman numeral styled) X.
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    Russian Capture "X" marking, I've seen it on other East German K43's.
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