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Thread: Luftwaffe Fighting Knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
    It is true that it is a knife. I calling BS on the upgrade which I think is simply postwar pimping.
    Lol, yes I agree it's a knife. Before I even saw slash respond I agreed so I guess maybe my instincts are getting better. You need a well tuned bullshit detector in this hobby.
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    With one rivet facing the opposite direction, I figured as much. Just wanted to stir the pot (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve87 View Post
    I'm surprised these combat knives are not a more popular topic, but they are not exactly common either.
    I like them. I have a LZA5 like this, a Puma red resin handled one, and another couple single boot clip variants. They were an issue item for some troops it seems as they show up in SBs. I suspect many were private purchase.
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    Here is another good one with the 'W' marking.
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