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Thread: Inquiry re-s/42 k98k.

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    Default Inquiry re-s/42 k98k.

    Hi,I'm a new member and I'm watching a 1937 s/42 k98k all matching and original finish.My concern is if it's a Portuguese contract or not?it doesn'have any crest on the receiver but on the left hand side of the stock near the stock disc seems something faded.One friend told me that it might be a faded Portuguese crest.
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    Default S/42 Port. 1937

    Sure looks like a Port. crest to me on the buttstock.
    See if there is a 2nd serial number beginning with the letter 'A' or 'B' stamped behind the apparent crest oriented vertically.

    This rifle is likely part of the first contract with Portugal began in late 1937 which initially was fulfilled with standard production K98ks in the period.
    Typical serial number ranges for these rifles range in the 'n' through 'r' blocks of 1937 production at Mauser Oberndorf.
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