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Thread: Value of my K43

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    I can only comment on the value from others I have witnessed in similar condition. Everything original, parts matching but stock mostly sanded and one of the last made by Walther. Estimated around the $2,500 mark. Say this one was not sanded at all, you’d be looking at probably $4,500.

    Of course it could go lower or higher, depending on buyers at a particular time. I’ve watched many auctions, seen many of these due to my interest in them and for my listings and this is my best guess. Sanding of the stock just kills the value. This one though has a lot of good things going for it though.
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    Dual guide would add to the value. Anything included in the buttstock? Stock isn't too bad, you should see my C block literally the worst duffel cut I've ever seen, otherwise a pristine dual guide C block.

    Very nice and bolt serials on the lugs and firing pin housing, most are pretty faint.

    As far as price, Darrin Weaver had recently sold a complete AC45 action (no stock) on his website for $1795. What could you get for it? Depends where you sell it. Gunbroker you'd probably get more than other places.

    Removing the bolt isn't that bad once you figure out whats up with it. Still a pain in the butt. My action cover needs to be squeezed on the front right edge. Once, you squeeze that it slides right in--seems to be a common problem.

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