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Thread: Late war Byf trigger guards

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    Default Late war Byf trigger guards

    Hey guys,

    I am looking at purchasing a Byf45 locally. Unfortunately I do not have all my reference material with me and Iím mostly a J.P Sauer collector as many of you know. From what I know itís sitting in a kriegsmodell stock and itís all blued. The serial number is in the 358XX no letter block range (sorry I donít have the exact serial yet). The trigger guard has me a little suspicious because itís blued but the finish on it very worn compared to the rest of the rifle which has a fairly nice deep blue. The trigger guard is byf stamped with two E/135 and the floorplate appears to be unmarked. I may pick it up regardless because of the Kriegsmodell stock and the bore which is supposedly mint.

    I guess my main question is when did Mauser ďOĒ start building rifles with triggerguards with no locking screw provision?

    Was there a concrete cut-off point or do both kinds (with/without locking screws) of TGís appear to the end of production?

    Thanks in advance

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    The non locking screw trigger guards start showing up fairly early in the byf44 l block serials and the locking screw trigger guards disappear around the same range.

    At least from my limited data.
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    I have a C stock byf45 that came with a lock screw guard, all the screws and lock screws were phosphate. But generally they all have non-lock screw guards as JB points out, but I wouldn't change it if you though it was original.
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