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    Just returned after a 12 day journey to Ohio, then onto the SOS in Louisville, Ky, and back home to Arizona. My take on the SOS was it was a pretty decent event this time around. I did fairly well in picking up some bayonets & several RG34s. However, did not find any larger collectibles (not to say there weren't many nice Kar98ks and other arms available) I wanted. Did manage to find a few scores during set-up at the NGD show at the other end of the complex on Friday (Eickhorn KCB77 bayonet with pommel-plug for the HK G3 and a USGI ART II M14/M1A sniper scope rig in the can).

    In bayonets, my take was a very nice/matched German WW2 refurb. S176 36 w/frog, a Polish Wz24 German reissue with German frog, and a excellent Czech Vz24 bayonet ("35" issue date on bayonet & "36" on scabbard) with the best Czech frog I have yet seen. Also picked up a excellent "ACS" high-polish behoerden with Police Eagle|D on spine and a somewhat unusual Eickhorn KS98 extraseitengewehr in blued steel scabbard as well. These two went to a good friend of mine whom asked me to find him some nice bayos & RG34s. Lastly got a very decent German Imperial dress bayonet frog, K98k E/623 stripped K98k bolt body, and a T14 Nambu magazine.

    Regarding the RG34s, I observed more kits at this event than any in recent memory. However, excluding "export" and post WW2 stuff, of the original wartime kits, I never saw so many "arr" RG34s in one place before! I picked up a Hawig|1940, "ab41", "cnx", (2) "arr43" & "arr4"...all of which went to my friend for cost. I ended up with three kits of my own (two of which were "bargain buys" just for parts). I kept a "ab41", "arr42", "arr4". The best things were a couple of HKWs which I got in one of my kits and exchanged for another. I have been looking for one of the "HzaJt20" German armorer replacement HKWs for many moons, as well as the "ayw" coded tool. Have a "ayw" coded oiler, too.
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