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Thread: Need some help on these markings

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    Default Need some help on these markings

    A couple of years ago I purchased a K98k off of an online Auction house. It was listed as an incomplete rifle and only cost $115.00 as no one else bid on it. With the fees and postage it ended up costing me $147.00. When I received it, it was very dirty and had a lot of grease on everything. It was missing the bolt, the rear sight (base was there), front sight cover, floor plate with magazine spring and follower. I only recently finally got around to cleaning it up and discovered that the laminated stock, stamped butt plate, barrel and receiver were all matching. I had an extra bolt and rear sight but am looking for a Mauser (byf) floor plate as I have the follower and spring. When I cleaned the crud off of the left side of the barrel, in front of the receiver there were some death-head markings. I filled the markings in with some chalk and took some photographs for some input from forum members. The receiver is marked byf 43 and the serial number is 28102e. There are two death heads on small one with the SS2 above it and the larger head has a 47 stamped above it. The eagles that are stamped on the barrel and receiver look like Party eagles rather than the WaA stamps. There is a stamp on the right side of the receiver that looks like it could be a WaA that is either a 135 or a 155 stamp -- hard to read. There is a stamp on the top of the receiver that I do not know for sure what it is. Could be the East German property stamp but it is also hard to read. I purchased the rifle for a filler for one of the rifle mounts on my 43 Kuebelwagen and to have a shooter. I already have a nice 1939 K98k and a couple of StG 44's to fill in the other three mounts. I am not interested in selling it; I am just interested in if the markings are legitimate. If they are not it is of no lost to me as I will use it as a shooter. I just want to know. The overall condition of the rifle is very good. The stock looks like it was varnished but the finish on the metal parts is still good. I am attempting to post photographs. Thanks for any information Harry
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    SS markings are no good. Marking on top is East German Volkspolizei (VoPo).

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