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Thread: Paatz Karabiner 22 LR With Operating Sleeve/Blowback Action

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    Default Paatz Karabiner 22 LR With Operating Sleeve/Blowback Action

    Hi I was curious to see if anyone had any info on this Paatz Karabiner I just acquired. It has an operating sleeve and uses a blowback action (similar to a Winchester 63). I could only find info on the bolt action Paatz rifle, and can't seem to find any pictures of it in this configuration. It is a single shot 22 LR. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks!
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    Very interesting! I didnít know these existed until now haha. Just picked up the single shot bolt version last week. Unfortunately nothing to add but thanks for sharing an interesting little rifle!

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    I dont think thats original made by the factory, have never heard about an Paatz semi auto. It looks homemade. Does it work? Could you post more pics on the bolt etc. ?
    As far i see it is single shot, makes not much sense for an semi auto?
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