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Thread: MP40 stock parts help?

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    Default MP40 stock parts help?

    So Im working on a project and I need these parts, or their dimensions/measurements so I can make them myself. I dont have access to original parts to get a micrometer on myself
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    I may have those spares. They should not be hard to find, but may be expensive. Those two parts determine how wobbly your stock will be. That's why those spares are good to have, because as long as the big bushing fits properly in your lower tray, you can file and polish those two parts to fit tight within each other and provide a tighter stock lockup. If the wobble is the main bushing fit in the lower tray frame, which it usually is, there isn't much you can do, within hand tool reason. Another thing I've done is used a Sten recoil spring in place of the MP.40 stock spring. A recoil spring is made of proper steel and heat treated to last. Some of the stock springs that fit with those parts, meh, maybe not so much.
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    Apex has import a ton of MP-40 parts if hambone cant help

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