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Thread: cleanig rod question

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    Default cleanig rod question

    I found a couple of these in my parts and was wondering which rifles they would go to. 10", four digit number with a prefix and an "S" stamped closer to the patch slot? Thanks in advance.
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    I have a 12 inch rod which looks very similar, with sn 10162 on the side. I don't think either of these are German, but possibly Yugo or maybe a FN/Czech product. The Germans numbered the rod with the last digit(s) of the rifle serial number (usually the last two). Never saw one with a alpha prefix and a capital letter at that. It appears the rod may have been cut down to 10 inches as well, due to the thread pattern, taper on the end, and no "clean-out groove" where the last thread meets the base of the rod. I took the one I had and cut it down to 10 inches myself... just as a "filler", for a shooter K98 I wanted to put a rod in (and not ruin a good rod).

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