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    Here my Karab98b, bolt, cleaning rod, and butt plate mismatch, otherwise matching down to the screws. The follower is forced matched but the font is the same as the rest of the rifle so I wonder if Simson reused a few imperial parts like the follower and the butt plate? Both appear to have been on the rifle a long time. I canít find an importer mark so I donít know if it is from Albania.

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    Too nice and matching to be Albanian. Simson did used left over and salvaged components from WWI, though typically not this late. This is an e-block by the RR and acceptance, pictures aren't the best so had fit the rifle in by characteristics. Usually you see salvaged components up through the a-block, possibly a little deeper into the b-block, but rarely beyond. Though this rifle surely went through a depot at some point and could have gotten the salvaged parts honestly. Most K98b went through a depot or two during service, most typical are rear sight modifications or parts replacements.

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