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Thread: New G Appel 1937 cleaning kit

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    Default New G Appel 1937 cleaning kit

    I usually donít buy the tinned kits, but couldnít pass this up. I donít think Iíve seen a kit this early so complete and in nearly new condition save for the patina of 70+ years. The brushes have never been used, spoon is so shiny it looks brand new. No waffenamt but I donít get the feeling this is Portuguese, came out of Slovenia.

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    A very nice and matching Rg34. I think also that it's not a Portuguese kit. No WaA may indicate only that's commercial manufacture. I have observed some kits without WaA on the tin but with a serial number of the rifle engraved.


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    Very nice kit indeed. Most Appel (or any other) kits I see from this time period are in poor condition, partially complete, and/or rarely have more than one or two correct components. Will use this as a segue to a related observation on a Appel kit I recently saw for sale. It was "64" coded and WaA accepted. I noticed the number code on the tin lid was a sharp, die-struck one and not the typical impressed type (which the numerals appear wider with rounded edges). Don't think I had seen this before, so guess it was a interim variant until the stamping die was made to impress the code when the tin lid was formed. Lastly, speaking of stampings, the pictured HKW was also recently sold with a mixed RG34. There were a number of bidders on this kit, and it was apparent to me the tool was the main attraction...
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