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Thread: Selling and shipping.

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    Default Selling and shipping.

    A friend of mine and I want to sell some of the WWII and military surplus stuff, (No guns), including a case or two of Brit 303 in vickers belts, and his old reenactment gear (original kit). I was wondering who you guys usually ship with and what are some of the terms and conditions on shipping things like ammo. I am from the US. Thanks for all the info!

    Another thing, what is the best system for wiring money?

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    I use USPS for shipping gun parts and stocks but prefer UPS for shipping rifles or ammo. Postal service won't ship ammo, it's against their rules. I find UPS handles heavy items better for one reason or another as well. For the gear flat rate priority is a set price depending on small, medium or large box. The boxes are free to take home and fill up, as I said one flat price (example $7.90 for the small box no matter the weight) if it fits, it ships.
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