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    I agree with you, these days they seem fewer and harder to find and our western society doesn't consider these traits or characteristics as worthy attributes.

    It's a wise saying by Will Durant and the Europeans especially Germans should think about it, but it's already too late for that. I like this one too: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within"

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    Although I do not follow modern German history or political-economic trends, it does seem Rudi Dutchske (Gramaci) "marched through the institutions" has been more of a gallop in Europe, and Germany in particular, though like most bad ideas that originate in Europe, they find a following in the US... especially ideas that centralize power in Washington.

    But Germany has always been more open to socialistic concepts than many other countries, some have argued the homogeneous culture that more or less existed in Germany (linguistically anyway , - there hasn't been a pure race in 5000 years...) plays a role, I tend to agree to a point, - Germany never had the level of labor unrest England or the US had during their industrial "revolutions", companies in Germany long took a keener interest in their workers than in the US or England, so much so it was a regular feature in professional mechanical and engineering journals.

    However painless socialism might be in a society of Germany's make up 100 years ago (SPD was always very powerful, even if they routinely betrayed the working classes, which to be fair was an unavoidable political calculation, we are all familiar where "voters/constituents" stand in relation to a politicians ambition), that is quite different today it seems. What works with less violence in homogeneous societies has the opposite reactions in heterogeneous societies, this diversity trip Europe and the rest of western civilization is on can only end in violence when you mix more virulent forms of socialism with it. Human nature will reveal itself in all of its uglier forms, - but that is the plan all along, in the US anyway. Anyone with a mind and modicum of vision can see where diversity leads, especially the mixing of the more diverse and incompatible (least likely to assimilate) cultures. More violence, more government, the more government, the more power (and wealth) in the hands of politicians and bureauc-rats that make these laws and run (in the ground) this country.

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    It's a wise saying by Will Durant and the Europeans especially Germans should think about it, but it's already too late for that.
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    Are you talking about me Paul? I'm the little guy with the glasses.

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    And the best worn beret! That's just how I've always fashioned mine.
    "Wen Tausend einen Mann erschlagen, das ist nicht Ruhm, das ist nicht Ehre, denn beinsen wird's in späteren tagen gesiegt hat doch das Deutsch Heer. Podest nicht die Paten der Soldaten doner die da Sterben sollen, soll man geben was sie wollen, sahs sie Herzen, sahs sie Küssen, den sie wissen nicht wann sie sterben müssen"

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