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Thread: Any plans to reprint Vol III?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrfarb View Post
    We do have pdf versions but dont plan on releasing electronic versions at this time. In the future? Who knows.
    While Id definitely prefer a printed and bound version (hopefully from a third printing), Id definitely be interested in a pdf if that were offered.

    Whats funny is that I wasnt collecting Mausers when this book was initially printed, or even when it sold out (and Im over 50 years old). I was in a local gun shop ( this week and there were two other fellows that were my age or older who were each buying their first Mauser. There are a lot of new folks getting in lot this hobby and that means a whole new crop of buyers for these books besides the folks who bought them when they first came out.

    So Id encourage yall to reconsider the decision of whether or not to print more!

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    I always prefer the printed version to the digital version. However, the digital version has the advantage that you can even carry it with you on your mobile phone and take it out when youre at a gunshow and need a quick check.

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