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Thread: identification numbers

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    Default identification numbers

    new to forum: would like to purchase k98, there's a fellow who has many, but alas a shyster. Where do you look for all the matching numbers etc.
    he has a bunch of oberndorf rifles, haven't really had a chance to look them over. hopefully he'll let me take graphics and I will post here for help.

    Danke. Junnie

    P.S. I'm a shooter not a collector, but I appreciate a quality rifle with some collectors value... Thank you in advance: Junnie

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    Bolt, bolt components, stock, barrel bands, triggerguard, bayonet lug, floorplate, follower, buttplate, rear sight, front sight, etc. The early made rifles were numbered on almost everything. The late war made rifles not as much.

    Post pictures when you get a chance
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