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Thread: S/147/G 'a' block restoration

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    Default S/147/G 'a' block restoration

    So about a year ago I got a K98 which is S/147/G marked with serial number 233a. I've been slowly (VERY slowly) procuring parts to put it back in original condition (so lightly sporterised, hand guard ring ground off, but other matching barreled action, less bolt) and just came across the pic reference thread for another a block S/147/G and find that it has some sort of two band spring system thing going on? Soo am I supposed to be finding a double band stock that I'll never ever ever ever ever find? I have a norwegian capture WaA 114/116 marked 'normal' band spring stock but since my rifle is has an earlier serial number than the one from the other thread I'm about to just lay down on the floor and rethink my life decisions. Any help is appreciated as to what I should be looking for other than blind find 114/116 marked parts.

    I can post pictures if people would like but honestly the markings are identical to the style of the rifle in the referenced thread:

    reference thread:

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    Default S/147/G 'a' block restoration

    Yes, you need a dual band spring stock to be technically correct. Just use the stock you have though, nobody will ever know. Or you could modify the stock you have to the dual band spring configuration.

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