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Thread: Looking for info on a k98 I bought

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    Default Better pic of receiver

    Also what's the value I've checked the numbers on bolt,bolt handle,stock,but plate,trigger guard,both forearm bands,reciver,barrel,recivercleaning rod,sight dove tail ,iron sight and mount and all are 9998 but cant seem to find a import number checked all around and took the gun apart to look for one in the stock to no prevail
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    That better photo shows its a ce 43, made by J.P. Sauer & Sohn. If you can't find an import mark, then it most likely just doesn't have one. Even better! I will say it's worth quite a bit more thank what you paid for it, I'd say closer to the $800 or more side if numbers are matching. I'm sure some of the experts here can narrow that down closer.
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