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Thread: K98 barrel band wont fit. Sporter restoration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan View Post
    Yes, that's always the problem with using those Yugoslav refurb stocks to restore a non-Yugoslav reworked K98k. I have seen a couple that were not shortened, but most seem to have been. The VZ24 band is blocking the view of the barrel step on the OP's rifle, so can't say if his stock is a shortened one for sure.
    Just from the side by side comparison in the photo it looks like a "cut-back" stock for sure to me.

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    Default Wrong parts

    Quote Originally Posted by Yustax View Post
    Man, I hate when people advertise that they're selling K98 parts...but they're the wrong parts.

    Will this fit the old bayo lug from the Yugo capture stock that I have then?
    I've done some business w/this seller, & found them to be reasonable folks. Certainly your choice, but I would contact them about it. While I can't defend your receiving the wrong part, they "should" credit you for price & shipping, at least someone there does know the difference. I believe the principal in the business travels a lot, & the helper who does the shipping is not as knowledgable as to what fits what. If you DO contact them & receive less than satisfaction, please let this group know, so others may avoid the experience. I purchased a correct h band for 1909 Argentine rifle and useable stock from a 1912 Chilean short rifle to fit my 1909 Argy engineer's rifle barreled action. My only complaint was that shipping was a bit slow - (Maine to NH doesn't take 9 days)
    Your mileage may vary,

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    I need opinions.

    Is this an actual K98K stock that will fit my rifle? I am afraid to buy Yugo or Czech mauser stuff ever again.


    Or how about this one?

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    this is a option, but pricey. You don't want to use the Yugo or Czech versions and there are more options out there for finding 98K stocks, other than yugo reworks. I have a Yugo Mod 98 and bought the Yugo reworked stock and it didn't fit my Yugo rifle, which was odd to me. These guys would know more that I would, I'm still new to this. Hope you find one but be prepared that they aren't always a perfect fit. Let us know how it turns out.

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