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    A very nice rifle and the highest R.F.V. number which I know.

    It is unlikely that these R.F.V. marked weapons were used as "bank guard" rifles, they rather served in the Zollgrenzdienst/Zollgrenzschutz (Customs Border Guards). The Customs Border Guards was subordinate to the Reichsfinanzverwaltung (abbreviation R.F.V.) and their members had a R.F.V. badge as shoulder mark on their uniform. After the introduction of the K98k in the Wehrmacht, in 1936 the Reich Ministry of Finance also decided to introduce the K98k.
    During the war, the Zollgrenzschutz was used from 1939 in most occupied countries to guard the borders and fight smuggling.


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    Thank you for the information Stephan he actually offered this rifle to me to buy but I kind of convinced him to keep it. If it was a early S/27 rifle yeah I would have bought it! Still I really do like this though. Of course I always had a soft spot for the earlier made rifles.
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