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Thread: G24(t) Restoration

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    Default G24(t) Restoration

    Hi all, you may recognize this rifle from last year when flynaked posted it. There was pretty considerable surface rust on it, which he had started to clean off the receiver before I purchased it from him. I finished the process on the bolt, triggerguard and bands. We both degreased the metal and used a flattened brass casing to gently scrape away the surface rust, leaving some pretty nice bluing behind.

    It's a dou 41 with a cupped stock and e/A80 inspections. The bolt is a mismatch vz.24 bolt with a couple German replacement parts. It most likely came out of another 24(t). After removing the rust, several parts have nice visible circle z markings as well. It also came with the salty but original sling.

    I don't often try to clean rifles, but in this case, I think we kept the nice "closet" feel while removing the destructive red rust. I'm posting some of the "before" pics from the original post as well just to illustrate.

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    Very nice! It turned out great! Fantastic example of not overdoing it with the cleaning!

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    Great work Chris looks great! Even though not matching to the rifle, the vz bolt is cool on this one, has some German replacement parts.

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