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Thread: another rifle 'sale'. ridiculous by any measure

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    Exactly how Mosins became worth something.

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    Default Another rifle " sale" -

    I'm new to all this, but when an auction has 61 pictures & only 10 show any real details, a little voice says "danger danger, Will Robinson!" What's being hidden, beyond the shine job ??

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    Gee, beside the faked serials and badly refinished wood and metal, what's wrong with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muncher 1953 View Post
    ..when an auction has 61 pictures & only 10 show any real details, a little voice says "danger danger, Will Robinson!"
    Oh yes! Back again to the 'degrees of badness' discussion there are some who post over 100 photos and ZERO clear photos of any details. One particular seller will have dozens of photos of sections of the stock devoid of any details taken every few inches and at various angles. Not kidding.

    Another recently discussed beauty had dozens of clear photos of nothing in particular, but EVERY photo of serial or acceptance was blurry... every one. Run quickly! I'm convinced those examples are 100% intentional.
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