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Thread: DOT 44 Semi Krieg Stock Curiosity

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    Default DOT 44 Semi Krieg Stock Curiosity

    This is one I have had for a few years but think that it has a neat feature. It is a pretty common DOT 44 example. SN# 74xxx range. Bolt is mismatched but matches itself. Nothing particularly special but wanted to show the butt stock which looks like it has been used as a cutting board with clear evidence of knife cuts. I can see some troop sitting in a foxhole slicing bread, cheese or wurst. I know German troops were drilled with a strict discipline about weapons care so this is possible evidence of post war use? Anyone seen anything similar?
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    It sure looks like it's been there for a long time.
    It wouldn't stop me from buying it.
    Not all Wehrmacht troops were German in 44/45. It's a perfect little cutting board.
    I'd use it, especially if I figured I could be killed at any moment.
    Great find!

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