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Thread: New Member, Help me on my first K98 ID please

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    Default New Member, Help me on my first K98 ID please

    Hello All!

    New member here, after watching a slew of world war 2 movies lately Iíve really got the bug for a K98k. I realize Iím probably about 20 years late to the party unfortunately.

    I really enjoy shooting older rifles like garands and enfields, so this rifle would definitely be getting shot, and taken hunting frequently. I donít expect match accuracy but 3 MOA would be nice

    I would love to have an all matching minty one of course, but thatís simply not possible for me at the moment.

    My local gun shop has the rifle seen in the attachments for $600, from my research it doesnít appear to be a Russian Capture, maybe an imported one though? I havenít been in person to check it out yet. The description says the bore is decent and shootable. Iím not afraid to do some heavy cleaning and scrubbing.

    What do you think? Good deal, run away fast?

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    Looks like a DUV stamped on receiver for Berlin Lubecker manufacture. Appears from pics the eagle-swastika have been scrubbed over unfortunately. Bolt does not appear to match also. I would be very careful of any heavy cleaning and scrubbing on any 98k. Need more info for better evaluation but $600 could be a fair price.

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    Welcome! Not a russian capture. Looks to be a balkan/romanian used k98k. These rifles were used heavily in that region after the war. The poor finish and scrubbed markings give it away. Chances are (as with most of these) the bore is probably alittle rough. Still $600 is not a horrible price in my opinion. But as always, less would be better! haha.


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