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Thread: Holocaust postcard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
    Very sad and personal, incredible how you’ve connected all of this and pulled it together Peter. Thanks for sharing this fascinating, but terrible, stuff. Certainly it personalizes it.
    Yes +1...It is amazing someone still has their photos and cares enough to post them.

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    You are an impressive researcher and I am glad that the people from the past can still be remembered. You are not just a collector but a historian.

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    Thanks guys!

    The research on this one was really easy actually, all the work had been done for me, it was basically just using Google and using the work of others.

    Their pictures are their passport pictures and they are still in a Czech archive; more and more archives around the world are digitializing and researchers are sharing that information online.
    Holocaust museums and archives are all busy with trying to put faces on the names of the victims, this is an example of this recent work.
    If you wanted to find their pictures you previously had to travel to the archive, which in itself wasn't easy when the iron curtain was still up, spend time looking through their files and at best you could make a bad quality copy of them; now you just type in their names in a online search engine and they pop up.
    Sharing information on the internet isn't all about fake news and gossip on facebook.

    The family tried, in vain, to immigrate to the USA.
    The daughters passport application survived and can be seen on this webpage:
    This website has a lot of information about the individual holocaust victims from the former German "Protektorat".
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    great post! just great,! so wonderful that people like you are saving history!!!!

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