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Thread: Buying a mauser

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    Default Buying a mauser

    Hello everyone. I have fallen in love with k98k mausers, and i am a very particular person. The issue i am having is i really want a k98k portuguese contract, but i have no idea where to begin looking for one. i live in toronto ontario. any gun stores nearby either dont have k98ks or they have RC and all beat up. i dont particularly care if serial numbers match, i just want a not so beat up stock and barrel with that sexy portuguese crest on the receiver, a gun which i can enjoy shooting regularly. Any ideas on where i can find mausers for sale? am i in the right place? thanks for reading, have a good evening, God Bless.

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    Hello and welcome.
    You are in the right place and I believe you have for sure located the best forums
    Available for your quest.
    There are quality people that are collectors on these forum pages that are
    “North of the boarder” like you are that I’m sure
    Will jump in and talk to you.
    In the interim you can research and obtain lots of knowledge from the picture reference section
    But if you know exactly what your lookin for
    Post a WTB add in the forum trader here and
    Be specific for a port model 41 or 37 and that you are in Canada.
    Good luck !

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