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Thread: What To Look For???

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    Default What To Look For???

    Hey everyone,

    While I’m not new to Milsurps or German weapons, I am new to G43/K43s. I’ve decided to I want to start looking for a G43/K43. Ideally, I’d like to find a matching one and I’d like to find one with a ZF4 scope and mount to add to my sniper/DMR collection. I plan on shooting it some so I wil definitely get an aftermaket shooting kit for it. My question is, which ones to look for and which ones to stay away from? I understand that some late war ones were on the fence of quality compared to earlier ones. Thanks!

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    There’s just way too much info to describe for what you are wanting. I would just start searching here first through the threads. The book now to get is “Hitler’s Garands” as it’s the only one out there now for information on these rifles. The author is writing another book but it won’t be out for probably a year or so.

    Sounds like you are going for a shooter and not a totally unmolested collector one? For a shooter, definitely check the rear of the receiver for too much wear; like bowing of the rear and cracks. Check the whole thing over for cracks. Some shooters already come equipped with a shooter’s kit. Some of the scopes are cloudy, so look through them and make sure it’s okay.

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    shoot a collectible K/G-43 with original scope

    cant help you

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    If you really want to shoot one I would recommend you buy one that is not a collector grade one. If you buy a aftermarket shooting kit I would only buy the one from Apfeltor. I had a mismatched QVE 45 that almost blew up in a friends face due to poor quality replacement gas system parts.

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    Second on the Apfeltor kit. Just put one of his on one of my 43s. Smooth as hell. I have one that has a shooters kit from the Netherlands which seems to be fine except the actuator rod that came with that kit separated and broke. No damage to the rifle thankfully.

    As others have said there are plenty of mismatched shooter G/K43s out there. If you get a matching one Id shoot Id very rarely if ever. If I ever come across a matching one Id put 10 rounds through it to make sure its sighted and then shell get a good cleaning and hang out in the back of the safe.

    Just do your research first and dont jump into these headfirst in the shallow end like I did. I have three Frankenstein rifles but Im happy with them since I can shoot them, and its been fun piecing history back together. I just want an all matching one with an original stock and Ill be set.


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    Nice, I really like the G-K 43.
    I’m thinkin a couple of locations in addition to the book mentioned previously here that can be beneficial to you.
    First on this sight, there is a nice picture / information reference section that can really
    start you goin in the right direction.
    second is a fantastic web information / documentation location that one of the
    Moderators here facilitates.
    Here is the link.

    And as a last note that you may already be thinkin.....
    There are lots of really good people on these forums and if you locate something , unless you are very educated and feel extremely confident that the Rifle you are lookin at buying is 100% legit, i believe it’s in your best interest to post pics of it in the sniper section and even get a conversation goin and possibly send one of the knowledgeable collectors on this sight or heck, even the moderator of the sniper forum with their permission, pictures and info privately so you can make an informed and correct decision.

    Hope you locate a real nice one for your collection!


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    For value big influencers are:
    rare code
    year of production
    Un-sanded stock
    All matching parts

    For shooting:
    Inspect the rear of of the stamped action cover.
    Inspect or replace gas system with shooters kit.
    Replace springs.
    Ensure bolt assembled properly, especially locking flaps.
    Check that there is no damage or splaying at the rear of the rifle by the safety.
    Apfeltor has a check list as well.

    Lots of people who collect these dont shoot them. They are valuable, parts break and many parts are numbers matching. If shooting, most people have a purpose shooter rifle. VOPO versions are good candidates as parts were hand selected post war and forced matched and come as new refurbs.

    Just my two cents.

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