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Thread: Luftwaffe depot repair? Luger

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    This thread has rekindled a memory of a grand old fellow I new in my youth. Roland Roy . He hailed from southern newjerkistan. He was always a fixture at the toms river NJ - only legal "gun show" , well at least back then. Anyhow he was a a kid during WW2 he got himself in the local cape may newspaper as he found a german naval officer's hat washed up on shore.
    He had a small chest - an armorers kit . It was 2' long approx. , maybe a foot wide by a foot or more deep. Had a german ordnance greenish color with some white stenciling on it. Had a load of parts in it to include P08 grips and small parts for P08's.All parts were in fitted wood trays. Back in the late 90's I put my friend Rich M onto roland and he conversed with him about that box of parts. Roland passed away and Rich bought the parts from his son.
    It turned out to be a Luftwaffe "field armorers box" from the markings on it. Rich still has it.
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