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Thread: BAD Low Turret !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gew98 View Post
    You need to recognize the level of ignorance of the buyers at large as well. Too many simply go with the money spent justifies it so.... and of course they bought the story and not the gun , and lastly the "reputable" source the got it from means you are a POS naysayer.....
    Indeed! Here's a recent sale, as described by the seller.... but maybe written by the consigner. Now these sellers are generalists (not just guns, but they do all collectables)...

    byf43 zf41.... Serial #_______. Barrel length 24". Caliber 8mm. Made in 1943. Bridge is stamped byf (Mauser-Werke AG, Oberndorf a./N) along with 43 for date of mfg. Original Scope mount stamped duv (Berlin-Luebecker Maschinenfabriken, Werk Luebeck) with Waffenampt 214. The original ZF long eye relief scope is stamped dow -ZF 1/1. Matching serial numbers on bolt release frame, safety (2) , bolt, nose cap, floor plate and trigger guard. No import stamp. Right side of walnut stock and base all have Waffenampt stamps including WaA135. Waffenampt and Nazi stamps on frame and barrel. Metal retains 90% arsenal blue starting to drift with butter smooth patina. All legends are sharp. Optics are standard line and post and quite clear. Bore is excellent. Comes with leather sling. There is not a single visible stamped number that does not match. This is one nice 98K sniper rifle. C&R...

    This description is pretty "informative", but how accurate? I can add my opinion that the ... cartouches are fake, small A10 stamped in the keel, sling is post war, WaA 135 in stock looks fresh and a tad wonky.... and the scope is wobbly when mounted... this one sold for 4200 including the premium. Maybe I missed an opportunity...

    So what happens to these guns, (and who is buying these)?? Are they held so deeply in collections of guys who have too much money, that they never surface again?

    Again, my disclaimer that this is my opinion, and it clearly differs from the sellers description.
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