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Thread: Auction House Question

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    Default Auction House Question

    Good afternoon, everyone.
    I went to a few auction houses in my state to search for a matching K98 (I know it's not the best place to look but I couldn't make it to the Forks of Delaware show), and came across a double set of training rifles that look promising. Since I don't really know anything about small bore rifles, I figured I would ask you gentlemen as to whether these two are worth any consideration. One is a DSM-34 from Mauser, and the other a KKW from Gustloff. Do these two look original and everything? If so, how much would be reasonable for them?
    Thanks in advance; I value any help I can get as a new collector.


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    agreed no posting of live auctions also if you have been following along and doing your research. You will have noted that the auctions site are notorious for selling fakes,

    I would wait and attend about 2-5 forks & other local shows, before you even think about purchasing.

    I used to have a table at the forks in the 80's, impulse buying will be your downfall no rush they will always be around.

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    Couple of things, even though many can ding things on the net some canít.
    1Posting the actual auction site vs pics of an item is a sure way to get people bidding you up.
    2 Morphys is hit or miss on guns being legit or boinked. I have got a few nice ones there, but did get a rifle with a boosted stock. Since it was listed as all matching, they refunded my bid and took the rifle back. The food thing is they are open every week day for at least 2 weeks before and auction. You can go there, spend the day researching items, take photos and get help vetting and item. They have even took a rifle apart for me to inspect.
    3 a couple of members here have a tables at the Forks show and usually have rifles.

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