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Thread: New BYF 44 L block

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    Default Outsourced stocks

    Both the Menzel and Sauer stocks used in late Mauser production will be marked with a small asterisk (*).
    This is stamped on the bottom of the stock about 2" back from the butt end.

    On Menzel stocks there will be "c *" and Sauer supplied stocks will have " e/37 *".

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauser99 View Post
    Nice to see this one again.. I think its easier to pick up little things when staring at photos. Most L block receives have quite a bit of lathe chatter and machine lines. This one is baby bottom smooth. One thing neat about this one is there is a heavy laundry list of features. Like a care back in the day it has a long option list. As for the photos I think the camera not sure the type is off a bit ? The photos aren't a sharp as could be expected maybe a little more time fiddling with settings. I still say for the puck the I-phone still takes the best photos to date but, im bias and have never paid up for a professional camera. A for effort nick..

    That pubic hair sticks out like a sore thumb for sure...
    Ha! Tough crowd with you Mass folks, must still be sore about Brady leaving.... The pictures native from the camera come through super clear, they are just huge in file size and I needed to shrink them to post, I think I need to upgrade my photo editing software next. Always something....

    Thanks Bruce, I knew the * C was a subcontractor marking on the stock, just wasn't sure which one, nice to know the difference now.


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