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Thread: Simson Kar98a muzzle cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior1354 View Post
    I'll be honest my one Gew98m is one of my favorite Mausers in my collection. There is just so much unknown about that rifle and I love that cool factor. And Paul I would agree the Weimer era has been getting some attention. I was trying to win a B.S marked Gew98m off Proxibid a few months ago. It went for very big money. It does seem harder to find a nice Gew98m for a reasonable price sometimes, but you still can find them. Like you said it's the stepchild of German rifle collecting. It's not Imperial and it's not Nazi but it is the era that shaped what Germany was going to become and what things were going to led too.
    Yeah, it really is a cool era. It's not my primary focus--mainly due to lack of nice available inventory, but certainly a very enthusiastic sidebar. I started with just a Cassel rebuild many moons ago and I blame Paul (in a good way!) for kindling my interests from there. I'm up to about a dozen Republican pieces now, which wouldn't be a "big" k98k collection, but pretty advanced in this era.

    I really hope you get the one we discussed last night. Really liked it! That one on proxibid a while back was a travesty costwise, but these do have the potential to escalate quickly if you get a few Republican collectors who really want it. Given the rarity, and the folks into this era seem to be more educated (and perhaps have more disposable income), I could see a perfect storm. It's inconsistent though. I've also seen these sit untouched on GunBroker and can be snagged for $5-600. I do see the later reworks with WaA and Third Reich stamps going higher and I'm assuming that's a byproduct of the (stupidly) hot k98k market.

    As far as muzzle covers, they seem to be all over the place. I've found nice gew98/98a ones in parts bins for $25 and ones on eBay going for $1-200. I have seen Simsons once or twice.

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