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    Quote Originally Posted by Loewe View Post
    - Stalin easily murdered more Eastern Europeans and Russians than Hitler had, both were madmen and it taints the history of the United States that we allied ourselves with one monster to kill another, both equally evil and depraved, - these men and their counterparts in the communist party and Soviet Union are alike in character, put these thugs in NKVD uniforms and they could easily fit in...
    Odd that this never gets more press. I think it's without question... at least in my mind that Stalin murdered many more than Hitler and he just kind of gets a pass.

    A monster and a madman without the mental/physical illness.
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    Steven Kotkin states Stalin was responsible for more Russian deaths than Hilter, though it is true that Hitler's plans were genocidal for Slavs and Russians in general. I do not think it is debatable that the only factor placing Hitler in 3rd place of mass murders of the 20th Century (behind Mao and Stalin) is his defeat in 1945. Though Hitler was so sick and of poor health late in the war that it is very probable that he would have died before he could have overtaken either.... and without Hitler, I seriously doubt his farce of an ideology or "cult" would have survived him to carry out his desires.. name a single nazi leader with the ability to replace him, most were neurotics, drug addicts, dimwits and all were kleptocrats, none had the instinct or intuition - and audaciousness to hold such a regime together. None were austere or modest in extravagance like Hitler, Goring was probably the only one mentally capable, but he was a mess throughout the war.... Most of the nazi leadership were clowns of one variety or another, most were holding political sinecures, almost none were capable of lower administrative positions, needless to say holding Hitler's circus together... killing Hilter was the one time in history where assassination was probably the best option and had a likelihood to work.

    Anyway, Hitler's regime would end shortly after his death, it is almost a certainty the Army would come out on top eventually, though after December 1941 Germany would have lost regardless of what they did...

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