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Thread: Some questions regarding my Gewehr 98

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    Default Some questions regarding my Gewehr 98

    Hi everyone! I recently acquired this Gewehr 98 from a local gunsmith, although I am interested in finding out more about its origin, I have a few questions regarding the logistics...
    - It seems difficult to find the stripper clips specifically for G98; would I be able to feed with Kar98 stripper clips? Or is the stripper clip specific to the rifle?
    - I tried to fit a couple of different brands of 7.92x57mm ammo, there was only one brand that worked; it was PPU. I wonder if you have similar experiences?
    Thank you all in advance!


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    In theory the clips should be interchangeable, at least for original German strippers.
    This looks like a pretty cool old Gewehr. How about posting photos of all of it's markings.

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    For information of origins and probable history, you are going to have to do more pictures, specifically the top-right-left receiver markings, possibly the barrel markings and most of all any stock markings (if these parts match one another). If a WMO/16 the combination of finish and the original rear sight could be a sign of problems.

    Being new you may have some restrictions on picture posting but try doing them in a series of posts, otherwise not much can be said with 3 pictures that show little details of markings (markings tell you the origins, history and how original the rifle is)

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