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Thread: Shot through Soldbuch with blood staining.

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    Default Shot through Soldbuch with blood staining.


    This is another Soldbuch of my collection, it doesnít have a picture, I only tend to buy those that have a picture inside but I made an exception for this one, the battle damage and early EKII make up for the missing picture.

    Georg Glas (1916į) was a farmer from Itzling, his closest relation was his brother.
    He started his national service in 1939 with the 10th company of IR19 (7ID), he will stay with his regiment the entire war, this Soldbuch was issued to him on August 1 1939.
    He will participate in the invasion of Poland after this campaign he is promoted to corporal and gets transferred to the fifth company.
    When the invasion of the Low Countries starts his regiment is at the frontline again, the odd thing is that Georg Glas has a two week leave pass at the start of the invasion, was this leave cancelled? I presume it was because after the Westfeldzug he was awarded the EKII, the EKII citation isnít dated but the officer that signed for it was his CO in 1940.
    Georg Glasis a true infantry soldier, in the first months of the invasion of Russia he is awarded with the Infantry Assault Badge and the EKI.
    On November17 1941 his luck comes to an end for the first time, on the Narwa front he gets a lodging bullet in his right shoulder.
    He gets the Wounded Badge in Black and stays in hospital until April 10 1942.
    The last entry in this Soldbuch is from September 13 1943, it is a security check made by the replacement battalion of his division.
    What happened now isnít 100% sure.
    The facts are that his Soldbuch was hit by a bullet or a piece of shrapnel while it was in his tunic pocket, the typical hole and blood staining at the bottom proofs this.
    According to the last entry in his Soldbuch he was still recuperating from his sustained wound in September í43, pictures were added in Soldbucher at the end of 1943, early 1944, his Soldbuch has no picture in it so we can presume that it wasnítused anymore after this period.
    So we can presume that he got wounded at the end of 1943, early 1944; h
    is name isnít listed on the KIA list of the German war graves website, so we can presume that the wound he got wasnít a lethal one.
    Most likely he was issued a new Soldbuch while he was in hospital and that he kept this oneas a kind of good luck souvenir.

    Enjoy looking at the images,
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    Great SB and info Peter! Such background and history makes things like this more "alive". It reminds us that real people were involved. Pic stickied.

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