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Thread: bSw DSM... with Simson marks (triangle /S)

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    Interesting discussion, and intriguing. I donít haunt Dsmís enough to have a great feeling for it like these Gentlemen do, but put me down for another vote that this is the lesser observed roll mark, just from casual observation.

    As mentioned, many/most makers often used actions that sat for long periods before being utilized on a completed weapon. Given the fast pace of events surrounding this maker, going from Simson-Bsw-Waffa-Gustloff in just a few short years, it is no wonder the markings began to coalesce in every facet of their commercial weapons production. Many are dual marked or even over stamped!

    There are some interesting examples throughout that prove this fact. Within Dsm production, on rare occasion, receivers can be seen with the Simson roll mark scrubbed and over stamped. Shotguns show up with Bsw markings over stamped with Gustloff. Shotguns, combination guns and drillings from Gustloff seem to almost unanimously exhibit Bsw marked receivers. In fact, I canít recall ever seeing a Gustloff proper marked receiver. Another interesting observation was a Simson Mauser carrying a 1929 proof date, and a Bsw roll mark identical to Bobís Dsm here. This particular barreled action, obviously sat shelved until the time came for final assembly, at which point the name had already changed!

    Iíd be interested in doing some cross referencing of serials from other facets of their production, given the serial continuity. Last but not least, thatís a nice rifle Bob!
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