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Thread: "dot 42" bayonet

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    Question "dot 42" bayonet

    I'm new here, but I joined primarily because I have some questions about a bayonet I inherited from my great-grandfather after he passed in 2015. Everything I am reading online indicates that it's a wartime production dot 42 from Czechoslovakia, possibly on of the VZ24 bayonets, but it is missing some of the markings that other examples have. It was in his chest of war things in his basement, alone with the magazines for his 1911 and his aviator's cap and throat mic. Specifically, it does not have any markings along the spine, and the only pommel marking is an eagle over the number 53 (could be 63, but I am fairly sure it says 53). There is a serial number on the blade, but nothing else. I am having trouble attaching pictures to this post, but the markings on the scabbard are "dot/42" and eagle/53 ("/" meaning over). On the blade, it has "dot" on one side, then the serial number, 2798/J, on the reverse. As previously mentioned, it has eagle/53 on the pommel on the reverse side from the button used to mount it on a rifle.

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