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Thread: Found a 98k in an old barn.

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    The barrel code is below the stock, on the underside of the barrel near the receiver. in this range it is typically Si (Silesiastahl), lots between 130 and 180, though can range higher or lower and other steel suppliers are possible, including KR (Krupp) and Dö (Saxony) waffenamts are typically WaA166, but could be earlier box acceptance.

    In short you would have to take the stock off, but no need to do so unless you intent to clean, I can't see how one cleans or preserves this rifle without disassembly, but if you do not need to disassemble don't worry about it as S/42G is well documented and they are consistent in ranges, I doubt we will get a surprise.

    The wrist of the stock is the small of the stock, the underside of the narrow area that connects the buttstock or lower stock to the upper forearm and barreled receiver carrying section. There is a waffenamt here typically, often difficult to read because this is a common contact point and the waffenamt is small. Unlike with the barrel code we have far less details of patterns with this marking,, being small and often hard to read many overlook it or if shown is not clear enough to confidently identify, but it is probably WaA211 but possible is WaA166 or an earlier boxed waffenamt. Trends are unreliable here, but WaA211 is most likely.

    I understand English is not your first language and such complex and non-literary or non-conversational language is difficult to translate or get an internet translator to perform well enough to understand, but the simplest answer would probably be taking pictures of any marking you can see or get get a picture of would be helpful. It is probably not very many markings or pictures even if you get the barrel code.

    Ultimately it is not important, if this is too difficult to understand or translate, don't worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loewe View Post this range it is typically Si (Silesiastahl), lots between 130 and 180, though can range higher or lower.
    Do you have anymore information on this? I've been trying to wrap my head around the 'Silesastahl' concept. It often seems based on the promotional items found it's more a trade name rather than a specific physical location. I wonder about the relationship this early... Contract from Austira? From the Gleiwitz works?
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