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Thread: How to determine what year my K98 Mauser is??

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    Default How to determine what year my K98 Mauser is??

    Folks sorry for dumb question but how do I determine when my Mauser was made so I know which forum I need to be in? From what I can tell I have a Mauser K98 Preduzece 44 rifle, on the front ring looks like a "9 04"on left side? It has the "PREDUZECE 44" on left side where barrel meets the bolt with a weird looking torch crest on top followed by the "Mod. 98" further back on left side. 6477 on right side and on magazine plate. 3801 on the bolt handle. Also what like 2 little eagles on the right side near the rear sight side by side? From what I've read online it is a K98 that was refurnished in Yugo? Any and all help would be appreciated cause I got a few ammo vs. sights questions.

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    Welcome to the forum, your rifle is not a German military rifle, rather it is a Yugoslavian rifle that was made from salvaging German components.

    Not to discourage you, but you might be better off on Gunboards, there are some Yugoslavian rifle collectors there.

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