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Thread: Discussion - bcd 4 e/37 rework postwar

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    Default Discussion - bcd 4 e/37 rework postwar

    I think the above rifle is a postwar rework, but BGS or BW, not DDR. Birds look pinged, has most of its original factory matching parts, some EP replacements. Seller bought it in 1966, which would be the time that W.Ger or Austria was surplusing what they were using to go to the G1/G3. What do ya'll think? Pisgah?

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    It's hard to know, but it surely looks German, especially with that EP. I'd say BGS or someone like that. Neat gun!
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    I just found this post and don't have a good answer either. I agree with what both of you stated concerning it. Trouble with postwar West German stuff is that I have no experience with it.
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