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Thread: Gustolf bcd 4/ bcd45 serials and data

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    Default K98 Gustloff - Werke BCD4 + bayonet 44 crs

    Hello to everybody,
    here is another Gustloff BCD4 you can add to the list.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pisgah View Post
    Four digit serial numbers:
    bcd 4 8397gg RC Century
    bcd 4 71hh NIM, partially matching
    bcd 4 1473hh NIM(?), GunBroker, mostly mismatched (rear sight, TG, FP, & a band listed as matching by seller but few pix)
    bcd 4 1952hh RC IO
    bcd 4 2245hh RC, FN barrel
    bcd 4 2935hh NIM, mismatched stock
    bcd 4 3154hh RC IO
    bcd 4 4177hh Zf 41
    bcd 4 6227hh NIM, blued, matching except bolt, red glue non-Km, no#MTG, #ed MFP w/"l", #ed SMUB/MLB
    bcd 4 9790hh NIM, blued, milled, matching
    bcd 4 1253 BBOTW
    bcd 4 5228 blued
    bcd 4 7886 NIM, blued, matching, MFP, MTG, #d bands (MLB, SMUB)
    bcd 4 9315 NIM, blued, m/m bolt, #ed non-Km stock, SMUB/SLB, MTG/MFP
    bcd 4 493a NIM, matching, #ed white glue lam. C stock w/o E/H, #ed SMUB/MLB, "93" #ed ejector box
    bcd 4 4019a RC, IO
    bcd 4 6147a NIM, GunBroker, matching bolt, #ed MTG, #ed MFP, refinished stock, m/m handguard
    bcd 4 7900a AA, NIM, blued, SpSt, matching bolt, #ed MTGWLS, #ed MFP, #ed ejector box, safety, cocking piece, & bolt sleeve
    bcd 4 8016a NIM, blued, MTG, SUB, MLB
    bcd 4 8516a RC, TG Knox import
    bcd 4 1018b RC
    bcd 4 3278b RC
    bcd 4 3728b NIM, m/m
    bcd 4 5293b NIM, matching except bolt and floorplate, ch e/140 marked bbl
    bcd 4 6893b RC Century
    bcd 4 8749b NIM
    bcd 4 9307b NIM, matching, STG, MFP, SUB, SLB, blued, non-Km
    bcd 4 2299d GunBroker, Mitchells frigged
    bcd 4 2657d NIM, blued
    bcd 4 2682d RC Cole
    bcd 4 4527d RC R Guns import
    bcd 4 4800d NIM, matching, blued
    bcd 4 5497d CAI import
    bcd 4 7172d RC TG import, WaA140/asterisk marked bbl shank, peened
    bcd 4 699e RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 1653e NIM, m/m
    bcd 4 2619e RC Century
    bcd 4 4778e NIM, matching, MTG, MFP, no# SUB/SLB, laminated
    bcd 4 5503e RC Empire
    bcd 4 7273e RC Empire
    bcd 4 7363e NIM, matching, laminated
    bcd 4 7572e GunBroker, blued, matching #ed bolt, [all else correct type parts but unnumbered]
    bcd 4 7999e RC
    bcd 4 1101f GunBroker, imported, mismatched stock, no other numbers visible in auction photos
    bcd 4 4634f RC FAC
    bcd 4 6193f TG import, DDR rework, complete m/m
    bcd 4 8565g NIM, blued, matching, "C" red glue lam. w/o E/H, no# MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP, #ed SMUB/#ed MLB
    bcd 4 896h RC Empire
    bcd 4 1368h RC Gunbroker
    bcd 4 4074h RC GunBroker
    bcd 4 4152h RC Cole
    bcd 4 5025h NIM, GunsAmerica
    bcd 4 5744h RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 6098h NIM, GunBroker, blued, matching bolt & FP only, 1943 dated avk barrel
    bcd 4 7593h,NIM, blued, matching bolt (m/m cocking piece/firing pin), m/m stock, m/m HG, m/m lower band, #ed SMUB, no# "1" MFP, no# byf STG
    bcd 4 8401h RC GunBroker, ch bbl, peened swastikas
    bcd 4 3219i NIM, blued, laminated, STG, MFP
    bcd 4 5831i mismatched bolt, cyw coded bbl
    bcd 4 6455i fake sniper
    bcd 4 6846i NIM, matching, blued, C marked stock, SUB/SLB, MTG/MFP
    bcd 4 6952i RC, Allans Armory
    bcd 4 9199i NIM, matching, blued, STG/SFP/SUB/SLB, machined follower, C lam. nKm
    bcd 4 9705i NIM, white lam. non-Km
    bcd 4 168j RC FAC
    bcd 4 9180j RC Empire
    bcd 4 552k NIM, matching
    bcd 4 1359k GunBroker, Miltech rework
    bcd 4 3262k RC Cole
    bcd 4 7723k RC FAC
    bcd 4 8173k MFP MTG UEL SUB SLB m/m bolt, blued, all markings intact, non-RC.
    bcd 4 4771L NIM, matching, blued, C marked stock
    bcd 4 8010L NIM,matching exc. firing pin,blued, white glue lam. E/H non-sKm, #ed SMUB/SLB/"1" MFP/stock,no# MTGWLS,non-Km
    bcd 4 1314m NIM, matching, blued, white glue lam. non-sKm, SMUB, SLB
    bcd 4 4055m NIM, GunBroker, m/m
    bcd 4 5083m RC
    bcd 4 5173m NIM, duffle cut, bolt m/m, #ed red glue lam. E/H, #ed SMUB/MLB, "a" MTG, #ed "l" MFP
    bcd 4 5512m NIM, Trader, partially sporterized stock, matching, #ed SMUB/MLB, #ed MFP
    bcd 4 6321m GunBroker, importer numbered receiver, defaced firing proofs, m/m bolt
    bcd 4 8193m NIM, blued, milled bands
    bcd 4 8489m RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 8839m NIM, GunBroker, blued, SpSt, matching metal, no#MTG, #ed MFP
    bcd 4 9599m RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 447n NIM, m/m
    bcd 4 954n NIM, red glue lam. E/H, blued, bolt #ed 654n, bolt sleeve and safety #ed 654, #ed MFP, #ed SUB/MLB
    bcd 4 1802n NIM, completely m/m
    bcd 4 3014n RC
    bcd 4 3339n Century, blued, #d SUB/SLB, no# STG, #d MFP, m/m bolt, not sKm, fxo bbl
    bcd 4 4404n NIM, matching, red glue lam. E/H, blued, safety #ed 4404, #ed SUB/MLB, STGWLS, #ed "1" MFP
    bcd 4 5755n RC Empire
    bcd 4 6022n GunBroker, barreled receiver only, peened firing proofs
    bcd 4 8134n GunBroker, m/m barreled action only, peened firing proofs
    bcd 4 2399o RC Empire
    bcd 4 2596o Israeli rebuild in 7.62, complete m/m
    bcd 4 3370o double runes, not sKm, stamped bands, matching
    bcd 4 4006o RC
    bcd 4 4059o import marked, likely postwar Romanian used, peened swastikas, mostly m/m
    bcd 4 4880o RC, TG Knox import
    bcd 4 5109o IO, m/m bolt, stamped except MFP, avk bbl, lam. cupped, lxr stamped follower
    bcd 4 6174o IO import
    bcd 4 6248o GunBroker, CAI import, mismatched, defaced firing proofs, peened Waffenamts
    bcd 4 6715o RC Empire
    bcd 4 7404o import marked, GunBroker, obliterated firing proofs/Waffenamts, mismatched, "UW 44 bcd" barrel ring markings
    bcd 4 7851o RC, GunBroker, replica LSR
    bcd 4 7912o FGS import marked, demilled bbl, mismatched
    bcd 4 9687o RC Empire
    bcd 4 1031p RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 2851p RC Cole
    bcd 4 5248p GunBroker, mismatched, blued
    bcd 4 5343p RC FAC
    bcd 4 5631p RC Empire
    bcd 4 8596p RC Empire
    bcd 4 8827p RC Empire
    bcd 4 1077q RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 1328q RC Empire
    bcd 4 6707q RC
    bcd 4 2108r NIM, matching, blued, "C" E/H red glue lam. non-sKm, #ed SMUB/#ed MLB
    bcd 4 2283r RC FAC
    bcd 4 3211r RC Cole
    bcd 4 4358r RC
    bcd 4 7036r NIM, matching, blued, "C" laminated semi-Km, no# "d" MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP
    bcd 4 599s RC GunBroker
    bcd 4 1149s RC GunBroker
    bcd 4 1586s NIM, blued, matching bolt, #ed SMUB, #ed "1" MFP, MTG
    bcd 4 1709s NIM, GunBroker, m/m
    bcd 4 1769s NIM, m/m
    bcd 4 1820s RC Cole
    bcd 4 2711s NIM, Collectors Firearms, reported matching, red glue lam. non-sKm, MTG, SMUB, MLB
    bcd 4 3815s RC Cole
    bcd 4 5319s all matching except bolt (rifle in Belgium)
    bcd 4 6746s GunBroker, rebuilt by the DDR then Iraqi jeem marked, m/m bolt, DDR #ed stock/parts otherwise
    bcd 4 8460s RC Cole
    bcd 4 9597s NIM, resto. project w/original #d MFP & un#ed MTG only
    bcd 4 801t RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 5083t NIM, milled except SUB & SLB, matching except factory m/m rear sight
    bcd 4 6455t NIM (in Argentina), matching, white lam. non-Km, #ed MFP, #ed SMUB/MLB
    bcd 4 6867t NIM, m/m
    bcd 4 9865t GunBroker, blued, matching bolt, Nazi firing proof removed from barrel shank
    bcd 4 29u RC, Century
    bcd 4 285u NIM, Gunbroker, blued, m/m bolt and stock
    bcd 4 1432u NIM, Gunbroker, blued, m/m bolt and stock, #ed "l" marked MFP
    bcd 4 4998u NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, bcd bbl, blued, red glue lam. non-Km, "1" marked #ed MFP, trigger shortened, hole drilled in barrel shank
    bcd 4 5223u NIM,blued,ce bbl,#ed SUB & SLB,qnw STG,m/m handguard,m/m SFP,not sKm
    bcd 4 6553u NIM, GunBroker, matching, E/H red glue lam. non-sKm stock, white glue lam. HG, #ed SMUB/MLB, MTGWLS, "1" #ed MFP
    bcd 4 9480u NIM, matching, blued, C stock, no# qnw STG, #ed MFP, #ed SMUB/MLB
    bcd 4 9840u NIM, blued, milled, not sKm, matching
    bcd 4 1606v RC Century import, ce bbl
    bcd 4 2098v RC Empire
    bcd 4 5504v NIM, GunBroker, stock appears to be Sauer but internally #ed 3540, o/w matching, no # byf 135 STGWOLS, #ed MFP
    bcd 4 6524v NIM, matching, white glue lam. C non-sKm, no# STGWLS, no# MFP, SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 700x RC, built as repro LSR, completely renumbered
    bcd 4 1085x RC Empire
    bcd 4 3061x RC Empire
    bcd 4 4351x RC FAC
    bcd 4 4923x NIM
    bcd 4 6346x RC Cole
    bcd 4 6915x RC Empire
    bcd 4 7011x NIM, matching, phosphate, no# non-sKm w/"C", no#SUB/no#SLB, no#MTG/no#"1"MFP, ce bbl, modified for Redfield type rear peep
    bcd 4 9913x RC
    bcd 4 295y NIM, matching, white glue lam. E/H #ed non-sKm, #ed SMUB/SLB, no# byf STG, #ed MFP
    bcd 4 1323y NIM, AuctionArms, m/m stock, m/m bolt, m/m TG, m/m FP, avk bbl
    bcd 4 4691y RC
    bcd 4 8206y blued
    bcd 45 7653z RC Cole

    Five digit serial numbers:
    bcd 4 110 NIM, matching, phos., E/H white glue lam. sKm, no# qnw STG/no# qnw SFP, no# SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 284 MGB, rifle in Germany
    bcd 4 707 MGB
    bcd 4 789 MGB, byf STG, qnw sFP, SUB blue, SLB blue, C proof handguard
    bcd 4 1309 RC Empire, MGB
    bcd 4 1573 NIM, matching, mostly phosphate, MGB, blued no#SUB, bayo. mount, lam., no#byf STG/MFP
    bcd 4 1603 NIM, mostly phosphate, MGB, UEL, sKm, m/m bolt, blued qnw STG, MFP
    bcd 45 1656 NIM, GunBroker, renumbered bolt, MTGWOLS, MFP
    bcd 4 3058 MGB
    bcd 4 3245 AuctionArms, NIM, MGB, m/m bolt, phosphate except bands, TG, cleaning rod, qnw SFP, STGWOLS, SUB, SLB, sKm lam.
    bcd 4 3739 NIM, matching, phosphate, duffle cut sKm, MGB, no# SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 4242 BBOTW phosphate (or mixed?), machine gun barrel
    bcd 4 4346 NIM, matching, phosphate, non-sKm red glue "C" stock , no# SUB/MLB
    bcd 4 5799 NIM, MGB, non-sKm, MTGWLS, MFP, SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 6342 NIM, matching, phosphate, C marked nKm lam., no# SUB/SLB, no# qnw STG/qnw SFP
    bcd 4 6580 NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, possible stock m/m
    bcd 4 6851 NIM, matching, phosphated barrel and bolt, blued receiever, lam. sKm
    bcd 4 7643 NIM, GunBroker, phosphated barreled action, complete m/m
    bcd 45 8357 BBOTW
    bcd 45 8802 NIM, all matching, phosphated except upper band, E/H C marked semi-Km, STG/SFP
    bcd 45 9663 NIM, matching, phosphate except bands, FP, & TG. SUB/SLB, STG/SFP.
    bcd 4 10305 NIM, GunBroker, phosphated barreled receiver, m/m bolt only, C marked semi-Km red glue lam. stock w/eagle H, no # SUB/SLB, no # STG/SFP
    bcd 45 11182 RC Cole, Russians attempted to blue w/o first removing original phosphate
    bcd 4 11650 NIM, GunBroker, phos., matching bolt, no# "d" MTG, MFP, ghn bolt sleeve, lxr stamped follower
    bcd 4 12991 NIM
    bcd 45 13065 NIM m/m
    bcd 45 13266 collector enhanced. Renumbered bolt.
    bcd 45 13608 NIM, matching barreled action missing rear sight base and stock, blued(?), no# qnw STG/no# qnw SFP
    bcd 45 13819
    bcd 45 14065 KCN phosphate, stamped
    bcd 45 14066 KCN stamped, semi-Kriegsmodell
    bcd 45 14117
    bcd 4 14155 BBOTW mixed phosphate, stamped, semi-Kriegsmodell
    bcd 45 14172 GunBroker, matching, red glue lam. '"C" sKm, unbroken firing proof, ce/37 bbl, no# "1" SMUB/SLB, no# qnw STG, no# qnw SFP, no# italic "i" marked rear sight parts
    bcd 45 14426 NIM, matching, SFP, MTG, SpSt
    bcd 45 15223
    bcd 4 15467 NIM, completely mismatched, ce bbl
    bcd 4 15944 NIM, matching but no stock, phos., lxr follower, no# qnw STG drilled for LS but not threaded, no# MFP
    bcd 4 17473 NIM, m/m
    bcd 4 17805 NIM, mostly phosphate, MFP, o/w stamped, not sKm
    bcd 4 17999 NIM, matching barreled action only, phos., no# qnw STG, no # "1" MFP
    bcd 4 18087 NIM, matching, phos., E/H non-sKm, lxr follower, no# qnw STG, no# MFP
    bcd 45 18181 blued bbl & receiver, LSR
    bcd 4 20316 NIM, matching, phosphate except blued triggerguard
    bcd 4 20422 phos., sKm, no# byf STGWOLS, no# byf SFP, SLB, blue SMUB
    bcd 4 21191 NIM, matching, phosphate except blued no# SFP/qnw no# STG, E/H red glue lam. non-sKm, no# SUB/no# SLB
    bcd 4 21523 NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, m/m floorplate, m/m bands, red lam. non-Km
    bcd 4 22326 NIM, matching, qnw STG, MFP, ce bbl
    bcd 4 22338 GunBroker, Miltech rework
    bcd 4 22830 Mitchells Mausers hump job
    bcd 4 23009 GunsAmerica, m/m bolt ("3000"), SpSt
    bcd 4 25352 RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 25359 NIM, phony bcd/bnz 4 dual code, humped bolt
    bcd 4 25365 NIM, m/m stock, m/m bolt, phosphated, no# 2 hole QNW STG, no# QNW SFP
    bcd 4 26708 NIM, bnz bbl, m/m bolt, phosphated, SFP
    bcd 4 29967 GunBroker, RC, OSR, ex-sniper, unbroken and intact firing proof
    bcd 4 33582 GunBroker, RC, peened firing proofs
    bcd 43 33590 not a typo, phosphate
    bcd 4 34055 NIM, GunBroker, matching, phos. except rear sight and lxr follower, red glue lam. no# E/H "C" non-sKm, intact firing proof, no# SUB/SLB, no # d MTGWLS, no# LU SFP
    bcd 4 34086 NIM, OSR, matching bolt
    bcd 4 34459 NIM
    bcd 4 34786 NIM, matching, stamped, phosphate receiver, bbl & FP o/w blued, sKm
    bcd 4 34868 NIM, matching, phosphate except safety, no#SUB/SLB, MTG, qnw SFP, no# non-Km, avk bbl
    bcd 4 35630 NIM, matching, phos., red glue lam. sKm, no# SUB/SLB, blue no# qnw STG, no# LU SFP
    bcd 4 35875 NIM, matching, phosphate
    bcd 4 35908 NIM, matching, phosphate, laminated
    bcd 4 36416 NIM, matching, phosphate except floorplate, "43 avk" bbl, SUB/MLB
    bcd 4 36433 NIM, AA, matching, "avk Bt" bbl, E/H red glue lam. #ed non-Km, no#SUB/MLB, MTGWOLS/SFP
    bcd 4 37055 NIM,phosphate except bandspring,no# MTG/SFP/SUB/MLB,avk bbl,not sKm
    bcd 4 41202 RC
    bcd 4 41265 NIM, matching, partial phos., chattered red glue lam. E/H non-Km, no# 4 hole "d" MTG, no# "1" MFP, SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 41375 Century, m/m, ground WaA's, barreled action phosphated
    bcd 4 41481 NIM, all milled, mostly phosphate, matching, not sKm w/"C" and eagle/H, no# MLB/SMUB, no# MTG/MFP, ce bbl
    bcd 4 44498 RC
    bcd 4 45998 RC Empire
    bcd 4 50794 NIM, matching, phosphate, unnumbered SUB & SLB, byf STG & SFP w/o #s
    bcd 4 51494 RC, Tradexcanada LSR Replica
    bcd 4 55042 RC GunBroker
    bcd 4 56304 RC Cole
    bcd 4 56376 NIM, LSR, OSR, phosphate with blued scope base, non-sKm
    bcd 4 57991 RC, GunBroker
    bcd 4 58425 Import (Century), blued, m/m
    bcd 4 58906 NIM,LSR.Blue:OSR,MLB,SUB.Phos:bolt,bbl,no# MFP,no# MTGWOLS.Not sKm
    bcd 4 60375 NIM, matching, phosphate, avk bbl, STG/SFP, SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 61594 NIM, Brocks, mostly phosphated, no# eagle H non-sKm stock, m/m handguard, no# 135 STG/no# byf SFP
    bcd 4 64069 RC IO
    bcd 4 64209 auction, m/m bolt, sKm stock
    bcd 4 64926 Fed Ord import, East German rebarreled
    bcd 4 65087 RC Empire
    bcd 4 68301 Interordnance import, phosphate barreled action, m/m
    bcd 4 70148 NIM,matching,no# C marked sKm,phosphate,no# SUB/SLB/MTG,no#qnw SFP
    bcd 4 71323 RC Gunbroker, avk bbl
    bcd 4 71693 RC Empire
    bcd 45 73020 NIM, mixed phosphate, not sKm
    bcd 45 73572 NIM, matching except bolt, mostly phos., not sKm, blue qnw STGWOLS, blue no# 214 SFP, phos. SUB/SLB
    bcd 45 75263 RC FAC
    bcd 45 75944 NIM
    bcd 45 75994 KCN mixed phosphate, stamped, not semi-Kriegsmodell
    bcd 45 76083 RC, LSR replica
    bcd 45 76773 Empire, RC
    bcd 45 78316 RC
    bcd 4 80395 GunBroker, DDR rebuild with Iraqi Jeem marked rcvr, bys 26 marked barrel, peened firing proofs
    bcd 4 85320 Import (Century), blued, m/m
    bcd 4 85779 IO, RC, MGB
    bcd 45 86488 phos., m/m, blue qnw STGWOLS, 135 SFP
    bcd 45 86617 KCN mixed phosphate, stamped
    bcd 4 86851 NIM, LSR, matching, SpSt, MFP, MTGWOLS, phosphate
    bfd 45 87200 RC
    bcd 45 87302 NIM
    bcd 4 87679 RC Cole
    bcd 4 88095 NIM, matching, lam. no# E/H "C" non-sKM stock w/no# lam. HG, no# qnw STG, no# qnw SFP, avk43bys bbl, no# rear sight, no# SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 88200 NIM, matching, LSR, OSR, all phos. except "00" #ed blued key safety, checker BP, missing base, mount, & scope;no# "d" MTGWOLS, no# MFP, no# SUB/SLB, red glue E/H standard stock, "avk Cc" bbl
    bcd 4 88901 machine gun barrel, MFP, MTG
    blank receiver 89575 NIM, barreled action only ("1" marked), phosphate, OSR, LSR tapped
    bcd 4 88904 NIM, MGB, matching, phosphate, STG, SFP
    bcd 4 89234 NIM, MGB, matching, no# E/H "C" red glue non-Km, no# qnw STG, no# "1" MFP, no# "1" milled follower, "34" #ed safety, #ed "e" cocking piece, no# SMUB/SLB, no# "e" bayo mount, gqm 44 CBP
    blank 89575 NIM, "1" marked barreled action only, phos., OSR, LSR tapped
    bcd 4 90099 MGB
    bcd 4 90396 machine gun barrel, oversized receiver, MTGWOLS, SFP
    bcd 45 91679 BBOTW
    bcd 45 92309 NIM, MGB, matching, phosphate, lam. E/H sKm, no# qnw SFP, no# MTGWOLS, ghn bolt sleeve
    bcd 4 92751 matching, in Czech Republic, MGB
    bcd 4 93080 NIM, matching, AA, phosphate, qnw MTQWOLS, MFP, non-Km, blue SUB/SLB, key safety, checker BP, LSR
    bcd 45 93181 mixed phosphate, mismatched stock, LSR
    bcd 4 93481 RC Empire
    bcd 4 94855 phos., matching bolt, m/m stock
    bcd 4 94954 Fake OSR (machine work done to standard-sized receiver by humper)
    bcd 4 95295 NIM, phosphated barreled receiver, MGB
    bcd 4 96401 phos., matching except stock, qnw STGWOLS, qnw SFP, stamped bands (Czech)
    bcd 4 96673 NIM
    bcd 4 97351 NIM, matching, ce bbl, E/H "C" sKm, phosphate barreled action, blue qnwSTGWOLS/MFP, SUB/SLB
    bcd 4 97541 NIM, matching, ce bbl, E/H "C" standard stock, phos. except a few small parts, lxr follower, blued qnw STGWOLS, SFP, phos. SUB/blue SLB
    bcd 4 97942 NIM, m/m bolt, SpSt, phosphate barreled receiver, phosphate no# d marked MTG, phosphate no# qnw SFP, 44 dated bbl
    bcd 4 99088 NIM, cxm 44 bys bbl, OSR, tapped for LSR mount, phosphated
    bcd 4 99326 phosphate
    bcd 4 99412 MGB
    bcd 4 99899 BBOTW

    Gustloff receivers assembled by other manufacturers:
    bcd 4 311ii RC WaAA80 fiWaA, A80 and dou marked barrel (Waffenwerke Bruenn, Bystrica plant)
    bcd 4 1802n E/135 fiWaA (Mauser Oberndorf), GunBroker, mismatched
    bcd 4 12329n E/135 fiWaA (Mauser Oberndorf)
    bcd 4 1648 RC, Cole, peened marking between bcd and 4 (Steyr)
    bcd 4 8847 RC, Cole single rune marked, no fiWaA (Steyr)
    bcd 4 8816h RC, Cole single rune marked (Steyr)
    bcd 4 361 NIM, GunBroker, matching except stock, Sauer commercial rifle with military firing proofs, high quality finish/blueing, U marked right receiver ring, diamond bottom bolt flat, #ed MTGWLS, #ed "l" MFP, no fiWaA on receiver ring
    bcd 4 164s NIM, GunBroker, matching barreled action, STG, #ed SFP, m/m stock, m/m bands, m/m rear sight parts, E/37 fiWaA (Sauer)
    bcd 4 1162s NIM, matching bolt/MFP/SUB/SLB, no# byf STG, #ed lam. stock, E/37 fiWaA (Sauer)
    bcd 4 6168t NIM, matching, Eagle 37 fiWaA, lam. internal #d nKm, no#SUB/SLB, fxo bbl (Sauer)
    bcd 4 6867t NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt (Sauer)
    bcd 4 8292U NIM, blued, LSR, OSR (Sauer)
    bcd 4 1606v RC, Eagle 37 final inspection WaA (Sauer)
    bcd 4 7210v NIM, matching except HG, blued, ce bbl, "d" MTGWLS, MFP, SUB/MLB (Sauer)
    bcd 4 730x NIM, matching, blued, ce bbl, red glue lam. non-Km, #ed SUB/SLB, no# byf 135 STGWOLS, #ed "1" MFP, #ed "e" safety (Sauer)
    bcd 4 1016x DDR rework, Eagle 37 final inspection WaA (Sauer), original German matching bolt body
    bcd 4 4724x NIM, #ed MFP, no # byf/135 STG, m/m stock, m/m bands, Eagle 37 fiWaA(?) (Sauer)
    bcd 4 5180x NIM, LSR, e/37 marked receiver (Sauer)
    bcd 4 8453x NIM, bolt and floorplate matching, ce bbl, E/37 fiWaA (Sauer)

    NIM=non-import marked
    IO=Interordnance import
    FP=floor plate
    MFP=machined floorplate
    SFP=stamped floorplate
    STG=stamped triggerguard
    MTG=machined triggerguard
    MTGWOLS=late variant machined triggerguard without provision for locking screws
    sKm=semi-Kriegsmodell stock
    UEL=uneven laminate stock
    SpSt=sporterized stock
    MGB=machine gun barrel
    MLB=milled lower band
    SMUB=speed milled upper band
    SUB=stamped upper band
    SLB=stamped lower band
    OSR="oversized" variant receiver
    LSR=long side rail sniper
    fiWaA=final inspection Waffenamt
    SPEWtSaCAA=Sheesh, Pisgah. Enough with the stupid and confusing abbreviations already.
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    Here's another...

    bcd4 - 94367-- phosphate, standard stock, milled tg with no lock screws, bolt mm (but late bcd bolt with ghn shroud, e cocking piece, astrawerke body)
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    Default bcd41

    Oops. You don't need a '41.

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