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Thread: PTR44 Semi-Auto MP44

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitfighter View Post
    I am not an expert in this, but have noticed many of the steel cases in my collection rusting from the inside out, I would be concerned about a possible case separation on a round that looked fine, but may have been weakened in this manner.

    I have thousands of rounds of surplus East german that I bought, while collecting Kurz, usually to get a few dozen WW2 rounds that I wanted for my Kurz headstamp collection, buying someones collection etc.,

    I have avoided shooting them, mainly because I don't shoot much and have enough PPU, but also because of reading about how badly the E German was stored and how case failure was a potential issue, and in an original rifle this could be damaging to expensive parts.
    *Info. was from the IAA ammunition collectors forum, if I recall -

    Again, not an expert, just careful with what I put through the rifle. Sounds good that you guys are safely shooting it, if I run out of PPU, I guess I have a rainy day reserve.
    Well after reading this I'm glad I don't have anymore. lol All I've been shooting for the last 5 years is the PPU. Being an Cold War firearms collector anything E.German always attracted me.

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    Pit just confirmed what I'd heard here n there. And he saved you from temptation!.. Same with certain Yugo and later Romanian. I'm glad I passed on a brick of EG kurz last week and doubled my PPU order.

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    Iron Oxide from rusty cases is very abrasive. Barrels are hard to come by.

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    this has been a known fact for many years all warsaw pact steel case and probably WW2 production is rusting from the inside out, due to the corrosive properties of the propellants. this goes for 7.62 x 39mm and 7.62 x 54r. worst yet when you fire this stuff most of the primers contain mercury.

    this also goes for limited brass production of warsaw pact ammo. once the round is fired, these corrosive metals are injected into the brass, there by weakening it. this is why I never advocate attempting to reload this brass. yet there are guys who insist on attempting it to save money, I never understood this , when new virgin boxer primed brass is available.

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    Default Coles in Kentucky

    Speaking of Kurz ammo, has anyone gotten or tried to get FNM from Coles Distributing in Scottsboro KY.
    Just wondering as I have not tried to order any from them in sometime.

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