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    DK store open!!

    Any plans on importing that repro K43? It really sucks living in a ban state...
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    8mm Mauser Ammo

    I got some 8mm Mauser if you're looking for some. I got berden primed non-corrosive, that Russian stuff that Ventura munitions sold. And I got PPU match grade, I can dm you my armslist listing.
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    Yugo amm with a shooter kit

    PPU is definitely the safest bet despite being underpowered. Romanian is LB with a 154 gr bullet so it isn't has heavy as German spec ammo which I believe to be 196 or 198 gr. I've heard Yugo M49 is basically a copy of the German ammo but I've never chronographed the stuff or done any sort of...
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    Yugo amm with a shooter kit

    I've shot a few hundred rounds of 50s Yugo from different lots and years and I haven't personally experienced the case cracking people complain about. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen but I just have never personally experienced it. I've had worse experience with 70s Romanian as I would have...
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    1955 yugo ammo vs 26lb spring

    26lbs is overkill but it'll go bang, the only downside is that it takes some more oomph to unlock the bolt. I've used the 22lb and 24lb springs to good effect.
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    8mm Ammo Giveaway - Just make a post!

    Well I can't find a photo of my K98s on my PC so here we go
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    Cleaning Procedures : gewöhnliche Reinigung, Hauptreinigung

    Really interesting that they had no extra steps to clean corrosive ammunition. Was German cleaning oil capable of cleaning out corrosive salts? I was positive they used Ballistol. I know WWII USGI bore cleaner had a mild copper cleaning effect, it could rinse corrosive salts, it obviously was...
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    Lost in the sauce trying to research the family bubbad Gew98 1914 Mauser A-G Oberndorf, requesting rescue.

    Probably an obvious question but, has the bore been recrowned? Some common mechanical reasons why groups are large can be: 1. Improper bedding that messes up barrel harmonics (Lee-Enfields are notorious for this) 2. Substantial nick in the crown of the muzzle 3. Substantially worn...
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    Lost in the sauce trying to research the family bubbad Gew98 1914 Mauser A-G Oberndorf, requesting rescue.

    18 inches at 100yds? Man that's wide, typically 4 MOA is expected of service rifles of this era with non-match grade/handloaded ammo. If you're shooting military surplus 4 MOA is a fair group some rifles fair better some a little worse depends on barrel wear. Are you keeping a consistent sight...
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    Interesting Volkssturm Photograph with Kriegsmodell

    I always found these militia type organizations fascinating. Anybody know of any manuals that they were assigned? I know there was an SS Werwolf manual but it hasn't been reprinted in quite some time.
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    reloading 8mm

    Do you have a caliper? Sounds like the your cartridges are too long. Sometimes you have to trim the brass or seat the bullet further.
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    Checking in Before Bubba'ing

    Fortunately there are new production Mauser 98 barrels out there such as from Lothar Walther. I'd probably shoot a group first and see how it groups. Some barrels that don't look great can shoot surprisingly well.
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    Checking in Before Bubba'ing

    Somebody else can give their opinion but that rifle sounds like it has absolutely zero collectors value. If you're looking for a scope I'm selling a Yugo scope cammed for 8mm Mauser and it's got the mounting brackets, screws, scope cover and two rubber eye pieces. Basically one of these...
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    .. a ten year chase, ended!

    I'm pretty ignorant on these G41 but why do some of the parts look chrome plated? Regardless, still looks to be in great shape good fine OP

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