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    Be careful. Fakers in our midst. gill120 Dave Gill please respond

    Really unfortunate, I remember that rifle from SOS as well. Hopefully this transparency will be a reminder of what this forum is about. Thanks for sharing gents.
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    bcd 42 377h

    Super nice rifle Hale, well done!
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    2021 SOS show

    Great time Jordan, best sleep I’ve ever had on a floor (I think?). Appreciate the looking out brother! Mike, pack the plaid and denim!
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    German WW2 sniper rifle expert

    “This next ‘Bcc’ coded turret was made for the Germans by the People’s Front of Judea in 26 AD, super rare”
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    2021 SOS show

    I really wish I was able to attend this year Jordan. It’s always awesome to see everyone, get up some general debauchery at PBRs, and hack at a couple things with swords! As the guys have said though, we’re currently in a lockdown and the gov’t seems as inept as ever. Alcohol or...
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    Turd alert

    Dying :laugh:
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    SS Double Claw Sniper

    Fantastic rifle Matt, congrats! That’s a real jewel. Glad you were able to “pull one over” on the previous owner haha.
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    Commercial byf44 - saved from bubba

    Great rifle Bruce, some very unique features on that one! Looks great.
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    Nice Grab Congratulations Rick, it looks outstanding from what was shown! Sometimes you’ve gotta mix it up for the right item. Look forward to seeing further pictures if you’re so inclined in the future. Cheers, Brandon
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    Super nice, and rare year to boot!
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    gambled on gunbroker and am pleasantly surprised

    Fantastic! Nice to see this still happens from time to time, great job.
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    Swept back

    Ahhh, the incomparably rare Swept Back to the Future sniper!
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    German Bayonets Volume I reprint update

    Agree with these gents, sign me up!
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    3 Of My Original SS Tunics

    Sounds like you definitely took the good in with the bad! :happy0180:
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    3 Of My Original SS Tunics

    Great tunics Dave, thanks for posting! Must’ve been a very interesting time over there. Cheers, Brandon

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