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      BrianNv replied to the thread Sporterizing my K98..
      My grandfather was a gunsmithing instructor at Lassen Gunsmithing school from 1950 to 1963. He talked about the 55gal barrels full of...
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      BrianNv reacted to Mauser4me's post in the thread "drek" on GB - loads of bad K98ks with Like Like.
      IMHO.. why not cash in? I parted out pretty much all my old project K98s and have gotten a decent return. I don't fake or mis-describe...
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      BrianNv replied to the thread Reloading Recipes.
      I use a charge of h380 in resized 270 win cases along with a 200g Nosler CC at 2500fps. Tracks pretty well with the sights.
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