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    Gewehr 98 H Spandau 1917 2646

    I agree with Chris. The bottom receiver markings are unlike anything I have seen and appear to go well beyond the usual inspector markings. Interested to hear any ideas.
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    1918 DWM "b" Block

    Great new photo setup! Now you have to reshoot everything! That‘s a beautiful and rare rifle.
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    Mystery Chinese Mauser Standard Model 7x57

    A bunch of new replacement barrels came out of South America years ago with the Belgian proof as shown I had one and sold it recently, 7mm large ring. I seem to remember that that proof was for barrels for use in Germany and clearly it was shipped to SA for spares. Looks like some hobbiest had...
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    DOT 1941 G33/40 Mountain Carbine 3735C

    It’s not as simple as pushing up the clip, you have to unlock the sight leaf and hold it up while freeing the hand guard then rotate the hand guard around the leaf to get it off. Obviously, don’t forget the screw! Having done it a few times, and considering the crack, I wouldn’t.
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    Expensive Luger

    Mismatched grips and mismatched mag? ( you can infact see the mag number) Mind boggling!
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    Whoa that’s expensive.

    Happy to hear! I never think of my1973 BMW R75/5 as an investment, but maybe I need to keep up on current prices! Sadly just winterized till spring.
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    French Postwar K98

    Odd, no French proof and a 1942 receiver. Other than the sling cutout, does not look Fench to me, but there’s lots i dont know!
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    1877 Spandau M71 IG w/ WWI Service

    Interesting. I wonder if there are ways to identify batches by other markings (serial numbers or proofs?) before the final date numbers were applied.
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    1877 Spandau M71 IG w/ WWI Service

    Very nice! Pardon my ignorance, but tell me about the date marking, clearly two fonts, did they build batches of receivers dated 18__and then fill in the year at assembly? Seems unlikely.
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    Original WW1 sling?

    Additionally, if I recall correctly, all of the WW1 slings I have owned had the detachable swivel sewn on. I did have one similar to yours but I always thought it was post war or contract. Not to say there aren’t exceptions or that mine might have been wrong!
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    M69 Werder Cavalry Carbine

    Wonderful spread Chris! I’ve always been fascinated by the proliferation of designs for metallic cartridge rifles in the 1860’s and ‘70’s, particularly in America where every inventor could get his designs produced and even get the government to buy them during the Civil War.
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    Mauser IG 1871/84 - which parts white?

    It might be easier to note which parts are concerning to you and we can be more helpful. I think the list I gave you, other than internal parts, is pretty complete.
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    Need help removing an Erma Conversion kit

    Worse comes to worse you could try tapping the muzzle end with a suitable sized wooden dowel
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    Need help removing an Erma Conversion kit

    I see from your photo that the stud on the front ring is facing slightly to the left, so the lugs are slightly engaged in the receiver. Point it straight up and the unit should come out with a stiff pull on the bolt.
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    Need help removing an Erma Conversion kit

    As you probably know, the rear ring of the two near the receiver is threaded and turns clockwise to highten against the front ring which has locking lugs concealed by the receiver, to hold it in place. As I recall the visible stud on the front ring should be pointing straight up to ensure that...

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