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    Need help with a Turkish M1893 Stock

    Hi all, I need some advice/help with a Turkish M1893 that I picked up a while back. It's been converted to 8mm Mauser with the magazine cutoff removed, and needs a replacement stock, because someone went crazy with the sander and removed a huge amount of material around the rear receiver tang...
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    G43 I found & bought recently (New to G43 Collecting)

    Personally, I'd recommend just leaving it as-is, unless you can find a very experienced woodworker that can remove the old finish and apply a proper one. Removing it without the proper expertise and solution could damage the collector's value of the rifle.
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    G43 parts project value?

    It was $275 when I bought it from him a year ago.
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    G43 parts project value?

    Bolt carriers can be had from Rob Applegate at Apfeltor Waffenfabrik.
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    Please delete this

    Delete this entire thread. I'm done talking about this.
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    Japanese T-14, v. German P.38

    Love the P38! It's one of my favorite WW2 handguns, and presently the only one I own. Never handled or shot a Type 14, but I'm looking to pick one up a for my WW2 pistol collection one of these days. First though, I have a Luger project and K98k project to finish up. Does anybody have a...
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    P38 Local Find

    I picked up my AC 44 P38 from a local place as well. Although it was a gun shop, rather than an estate.
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    G/K43 stock source

    I'd be a little wary about Murray's. I bought a stock from him for a VZ 52 that needed replacement wood, and the stock was not even close to being the proper size; it was too short. Also, it had no hollow for the cleaning kit. Suffice to say, I wasn't happy with paying $450 for something that...
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    P08 Luger, What do I have?

    It looks more like a "G,S,S" than a "B,S,S" to me.
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    P08 Luger, What do I have?

    Here are pics of the whole gun.
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    P08 Luger, What do I have?

    Greetings everyone, I just picked up a DWM Luger today; it's a gunsmith special that's missing a few parts. However, it does have a few features and markings that make it stand out from other Lugers I've seen over the years. The barrel from the front sight forward doesn't look quite like that...
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    Need help dating a Walther P38

    It's a C serial suffix.
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    Need help dating a Walther P38

    Okay, I'll check it out.
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    Need help dating a Walther P38

    Does anybody have any recommendations for someone to perform the engraving? Also, what type of font is closest to that used on AC 44 Walther slides?

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