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    So what are realistic prices for a good K98 sniper rifle?

    So say I wanted to get a good quality K98 sniper rifle? Is there a price guide on them somewhere? Not talking an SS rifle (which are pricey even as is without being a sniper rifle) but say something to get into the hobby. I would prefer a shooter over a safe queen, as my rule has always been...
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    Vintage Rifles Shooters Club

    I really like his videos. No BS, no gimmicks, just good content and a lot of facts.
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    'Unissued' dot 44?

    It looks a little too good to be true, the wood looks way to good especially being it does have some dings in it. I would be curious to see if inside of the barrel and action matches the rest of the gun.
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    The reproduction ZF-41 mount, any modifications to the K98?

    What I can say is the guns that had the ZF-41's mounted at the factory did have the relief cut out for the mount, but not the guns where the ZF-41's were done in the field. The only thing I know is that one of the company's advertising the field issue mount says that nothing has to be...
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    The reproduction ZF-41 mount, any modifications to the K98?

    I was looking to getting a mount and maybe a ZF-41 scope for my K98, but need to ask, is there any modifications that need to be made that are permanent? From what I understood, other than taking the rear sight leaf out and replacing that with the mount, there's nothing more to do, that you...
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    My local gun shop has a mismatched shooter for about $600. It's a late production gun, 1945 to be exact. The bolt is mismatched, and the stock isn't original but it's all there and for a shooter, it's not a bad looking gun. The bore is good and there's no extra holes. If you want the shop's info...
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    Clean 1871 Gewehr

    Here is the other numbers, sadly one of the numbers not matching is the buttplate, which is clear with the gun. The only marking on the buttplate besides the serial number.
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    Clean 1871 Gewehr

    I picked up this Gewehr 71 last year and it's a lot of fun to shoot. I might even take it hunting once in a while just to scratch an itch with it. It's an Arnhem made gun from 1878, and all the major parts match, just a couple of screws. There are no numbers on the buttplate at all so I can't...
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    Looking for some general knowledge 1937 s/27

    It would make an outstanding hunting rifle.
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    Some unusual numbers on my 1944 DOT 98K.

    Would it be common for a gun made in early 1945 to have armorers parts folded into production? Including bolts or would that be something that's numbers matching? Here's a 1945 gun that I know of, the bolt doesn't match and neither does the floor plate. It's a Krieglsmodell gun (no disk on the...
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    Some unusual numbers on my 1944 DOT 98K.

    Here's a better shot of the triggerguard/floorplate.
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    BYF45 ZF41

    I was able to clean up and enlarge his photos some.
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    SVW 45 K98's, when we they produced?

    This gun had a stock that was really cut up and sporterized. Thanksfully, the barrel and action were left alone. I sold a spare stock I had lying around to the gun shop to at least make it look like a K98 again. Sadly, the original stock was a Kreigsmodell stock but there's not enough left of it...
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    Some unusual numbers on my 1944 DOT 98K.

    I was looking at a couple of stampings and numbers on my 1944 DOT 98K. The first one is on the rear sight if you lift it up on the base, it doesn't look quite like a Waffenamt but an eagle of some kind with 211. The second is a stamping of "QNW" on the magazine floorplate, no numbers on that at...

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