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    DK store open!!

    Hi. They are in production now, and the hard parts are finish. I am going to Germany soon to check on the status. Will check on blank adapters. Those that are interested in kits, can send me a mail on my web site to be put on a list. D
  2. dingo

    DK store open!!

    Hi. Yes that is right, flats and complete parts sett minus the barrel
  3. dingo

    DK store open!!

    A short update: My 2 BD44 s that are with Tech Branch is still pending, 16 months now. Semi BD38 kits ( with barrels) will arrive shortly. MP44 kits and FG42 kits are under production , and will also arrive when i am back from Germany. Some new items like FG42 flats, K43 magazines ( 10 and 20...
  4. dingo

    MP-40 Slab Magazine

    Looks original to me
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    DK store open!!

    The bolts are finished in Germany, and will be sent next week. Things take times with the shipping now, so it will take time. Have some parts coming inn next week, was sent 8 weeks ago. Will check on stocks. D
  6. dingo

    PTR44 Semi-Auto MP44

    The site is not suspended , only had a long Covid break du to the closed boarder. Finally back in USA, thanks to a KY senator. D
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    DK store open!!

    Hi. The web shop is open.
  8. dingo

    Looking for mp44 rear receiver section

    I have a few left on my web shop
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    DK store open!!

    Hi. There are no problem with shipping Guns and parts from Germany to USA, with the correct paperwork. The problem is for me to get into USA, since the US boarders are closed. D
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    Type 1 SMG Starts Shipping Tomorrow

    Original FG42E s have a spring loaded buffer, like the FG42F and FG42G have. The one in the F and G type, feels a little more effective than the one in the E type.
  11. dingo

    DK store open!!

    Hi. I have ordered a lot of parts for production of the weapons. I will go to Germany in about 3 weeks, problem is : me and MR Dittrich dont know when we are able to get back in to USA, the boarders are closed down. We hope to get some answer on this in a few days. I am closing the shop when i...
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    DK store open!!

    Thank you, we are actually working on this. We will have 2 different schematic s, one for MP44 and one for BD44. It will be an separate menu for MP44 soon, many of the parts will be listed on both modells.
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    Rare Rifle at Springfield Armory Museum. Sturmgewehr 45

    The rifles on the table is MKB42W ( Walther) one of 4 of the modells of rifles submitted for the trial s that resulted in the STG series of rifles. The MKB42H ( Haenel ) won the trial s and later was redesigned into MP43/1 and later MP43/MP44/ STG44
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    DK store open!!

    Hi . Thank you for the info, yes i know Pete is a god guy on the 44 rifles. SSD have been making these rifles around 20 years now, so i think MR Dittrich wants to do the job him self. This time the rifle will be 100% SSD made, and with no changing of parts.
  15. dingo

    DK store open!!

    You are one of the reasons that we are now going forward. You pushing me for flats, gave us a easy er way. Thank you Sprat

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