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    "SP 12" stamp on an Erfurt 1908 Gewehr 98

    Thanks Paul, I will see what I can get. Jordan says that Erfurt made no Gewehr 98 in 1908. As the Kar 98 was officially approved beginning of 1908, I would very well see the arsenal being left with unfinished parts (on p132 of his book, Storz writes that it took 7 weeks to make a rifle from...
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    "SP 12" stamp on an Erfurt 1908 Gewehr 98

    Hi fellows, Thanks, I was sure you got the answer. The rifle is not mine, it is in poor shape (out of the attic), bolt is matching, and yes, it is in the d-block.
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    "SP 12" stamp on an Erfurt 1908 Gewehr 98

    Hi everyone, I've came across a rifle with a stamp "SP 12" that I've never seen before (pic below). To my eyes, the font looks similar to the one of the usual Erfurt stamp, so it may have been applied at the arsenal. Does anyone have a clue about its meaning ? @Loewe ? Thanks, GO ne
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    The LK5 marking - A new track

    Spotted : MAS 36 s/n K825 (May 1940) with LK5 marking for sale by a gunsmith 200 km from Aix-en-Provence. It has a weird stamp that looks like an "l" below the acceptance stamp.
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    Movie GOLDFINGER and K98s

    And plenty of other stuff:
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    German(?) MAS36

    Thanks Pat, does your rifle have a stamp from July 1939 ? Have you guys seen other letters than "N" and "D" below the grip ?
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    Matching S/27 1938 K98k

    Never mind the duffel cut, it could be seen as a certificate of authenticity 😀 If/when you shoot it, beware that the front sight is not set with the factory setting (two extremities of the mark misaligned) : for a good or bad reason, somebody touched it.
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    Matching S/27 1938 K98k

    Hello sir, Always a pleasure to see detailed pics of a Feima/erma, thanks. You may clean the firing pin, provided that what you do can be undone. Some would keep things as is. There is probably a typo in your quote : 7937g = 7937a To answer your question, transitions were progressive. I...
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    Gebrüder Merkel Luftwaffe Double Barrel Shotgun

    Hi Absolut, cool shotgun (and probably rare). If GBM had the same kind of markings than JPS, "240" probably means February 1940. The one sold by Julia had "1140". @RyanE, the BAL2 marking is very crisp. Are they that crisp on those HK Lugers ? (but they might have used dies of a smaller size on...
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    Fake Forgotten Weapons HKs

    Overall, I like what Ian does : offering knowledge to the layman. Anybody who is a bit smart won’t take what he says at face value and will do some research. As hale said, loads of his videos are sponsored by auction houses or by collectors lending their guns to him, obviously if he had doubts...
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    "Death from Above" book (2007 edition vs 1990 edition)

    Hi guys, I have the 1990 edition of "Death from Above: the German FG42 Paratroop Rifle" The 2007 new expanded edition is said to have "an Addendum containing 68 more pages and 122 new illustrations. The 2007 Addendum challenges everything previously known or assumed about the timetable of...
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    Milled rear bands on a dot 43 and a dot 44

    I agree with clay, bob and you : never say never. However, I finally was not able to check them in person. Adding the rear band factor, the fact they had rusted parts and the maker/date is rather common, I passed. The dot 43 sold for 533 EUR, the dot 44 (with an original sling) 770 EUR.
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    Milled rear bands on a dot 43 and a dot 44

    Thanks fellows, I checked Vol IIb and indeed the milled rear band is a red flag. Another example of "all matching" being "all matching, but..." I will have them in hands this Saturday. If the bores are not in good condition, I may not even get the shooter I am looking for and I will pass...
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    Milled rear bands on a dot 43 and a dot 44

    Hi gents, I'm checking out two Brno rifles for sale, a dot 43 (c block) and a dot 44 (possibly ao block, thoughts are welcome if it is aa or aq instead). They are said to be all matching. Question is : both of them have milled rear bands, which looks wrong to me. Can you confirm it is ? I don't...
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    Pics of FG42s in Paris

    Hi pitfighter, thanks for your input. I have a couple of questions for you. 1) Do you have the expanded version (2007) of "Death from above" and is the list of FG42s identified by the authors worth buying the book ? I already have the original edition. 2) Would you be willing to take pics of the...

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